Help your body
operate at its best

Free yourself from everyday stress

Take the first step in transforming the way your body feels and moves, because that first step is often the beginning of a great journey.

We provide a new way of regaining long-term agility and freedom of movement. 
We have a holistic approach - physical and mental – that make the body reach a higher level of lasting well-being. 

We offer a tailor made approach that allows everyone to relieve pain, tension and stress, find agility and mobility and improve your balance. 

Together with the consulting activity, we also provide Yamuna Body Rolling sessions 
and organize events.

What you will achieve with The Body Hub ?

pain relief

balance posture

agility &

stress & tension relief

Hi! I am Danielle

The Body Hub Founder

Danielle is a body and movement specialist, with over 15 years of experience, helping clients move better, feel better and live better. 

She is passionate about empowering individuals to improve their overall body through movement to feel stronger and more confident.

Our classes are highly specialized, tailored to the individual and holistic in nature.

I’ve been taking classes after my first baby with Danielle. She really helped me to fix my issues. She is a good listener and very kind. I didn't know Pilates before but thanks to Danielle, I now love it and can really feel and see the benefits of this practice!

Eleonore Sami

I’ve been taking classes with Danielle for the past 3 years. It fixed my back problems, neck problem and most importantly my posture! I look better, my core is stronger and I have never felt better.

Joumana El Hage

The morning sessions with Danielle are revitalising and a pure joy!
She is so caring and knows how to deal with the body of each member of the session with attention! Real magic happens after the session! I get my body back!

Rania Hage

An energising movement class that awakens your body and mind throughout the day while strengthening your core Muscles ! It feels like each class is tailored to the needs of each and everyone in our group!

Geny Nouh Chaia

Kind words from clients



We promote ongoing wellness workshops, bringing like-minded people together into a safe space to explore and learn effective methods to support well-being through stimulating content, movement and methods that they can take home.

The workshops bring through all The Body Hub methods and are beautifully designed to support all levels and needs of people.


The Body Hub works closely with the team to share tips, tools and techniques with the aim to support wellness, stress management and goal setting for in and around the workplace. The benefits for an organization's that come with instilling a culture of health are multiple, including increased productivity, improved staff morale and reduced absenteeism, staff turnover and healthcare costs.
The corporate wellness workshops are customized specifically for your organization.

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Get the most wherever you are — with online classes or in my home studio. 

The Body Hub sessions are set over an amount of time and designed to empower you. 

The Body Hub will help you recover, improve and support your goal to optimal well being, body awareness , confidence and strength.

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