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I am Danielle

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I grew up being passionate about sports, dance, martial arts and tennis. My mother owned and ran a community space specializing in Pilates, dance and martial arts so her life-long curiosity and interest in movement and exercise was instilled in me at a young age. As a Biologist, I have built upon my strong foundations through my  expertise in anatomy, neurology and nutrition.

I was soon to discover the power of alternative rehabilitative methods such as fascia movement, Yamuna, hypopressive breathing and of course Pilates that have incredible results to take care of the body and mind for longevity.

I became increasingly passionate about becoming a true specialist in movement and many other holistic disciplines relative to the body as a whole.

Through The Body Hub method, we look to develop a better understanding of the body, its connection to everything and everyone around us whilst igniting like minded individuals, sharing knowledge and ensuring that our core values are shared and provide a deeper meaning to ones own personal journey in mind and body.

Over the last 15 years, I have taught in Montreal, Cairo, Alexandria, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I continue to participate in a variety of courses to keep up to date with new techniques, methods and research.



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Our values

What you will achieve with The Body Hub ?

pain relief

balance posture

agility &

stress & tension relief

We help others to find optimal wellness, in mind, body & soul 


yamuna foot fitness

fascia movement 
& animal flow

hypopressive training
& fascia releazer

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