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We have developed a range of detailed assessment measures to provide clients with personalized plans to make positive lifestyle changes. Beginning with a short 15 min introduction call, followed by a discovery session, where we asses how to improve your overall health, fitness, strength, agility and mobility.

personalized program

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personalized program

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How does it work ?

discovery call

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custom program

THE FIRST STEP is to assess the client's overall well-being at that present time. Using different methods to understand the quality of movements and posture. 

THE SECOND STEP is to build a customized plan according to the client's specific needs, layered with  different rehabilitative methods, all backed by science. 

THE THIRD STEP is to follow the program and achieve the results. 

personalized program

Get the most wherever you are — with online sessions or at the studio. 

The program is made up of a number of customized  sessions depending on the client's needs.

With everything from beginner basics to more complex sessions, The Body Hub will help you recover, improve and support your goal to optimal well being, body awareness , confidence and agility.

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I’ve been taking classes after my first baby with Danielle. She really helped me to fix my issues. She is a good listener and very kind. I didn't know Pilates before but thanks to Danielle, I now love it and can really feel and see the benefits of this practice!

Eleonore Sami

I’ve been taking classes with Danielle for the past 3 years. It fixed my back problems, neck problem and most importantly my posture! I look better, my core is stronger and I have never felt better.

Joumana El Hage

The morning sessions with Danielle are revitalising and a pure joy!
She is so caring and knows how to deal with the body of each member of the session with attention! Real magic happens after the session! I get my body back!

Rania Hage

An energising movement class that awakens your body and mind throughout the day while strengthening your core Muscles ! It feels like each class is tailored to the needs of each and everyone in our group!

Geny Nouh Chaia

Kind words from clients

private session

yamuna faceball treatment

Beyond the damaging effects of sun, pollution and general ageing, repetitive stress causes immense stress on our skin and facial structure. This Yamuna Faceball private session, offers a proactive solution to this by stimulating and aligning bone, activating muscle, increasing circulation, improving tone and reversing the effects of gravity. After just one session, men and women of all ages enjoy the benefits of reduced tension, brighter skin tone and increased circulation. Results are immediate and benefits cumulative.

Danielle at The Body Hub is the only Yamuna® certified practitioner in the region. 

50 min

Fascia releazer session

This is a fantastic session were we use the Fascia- and Deep-ReleaZer® — this is a self help tool to aid stress and pain relief, regeneration, and performance increase. With Fascia- and Deep-ReleaZer® muscle-fascia chains are kept supple, metabolic, blood circulation and hydration processes are stimulated, and the functions of the nerve guidance pathways are optimised.  In addition, the Fascia-ReleaZer® allows the establishment of a neurophysiological balance to increase stress and pain resilience by means of vibration-based breath-brain training.

50 min

group Sessions

Signature Movement Session

Signature class, morning energize, all levels

Class length :


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45 minutes

Fascia Movement based on Several Methods

Movement to support balance, strength, control and agility

Anyone looking to improve their general well-being, injury prevention, rehabilitation, pre and post-natal

In Studio

What you will achieve with The Body Hub ?

pain relief

balance posture

agility &

stress & tension relief